Prepare for Sunday // February 26

The Gathering  //  Sundays at 10am

The first meal recorded in the Bible had a devastating outcome. With one bite of the forbidden fruit, the eyes of Adam and Eve were opened. For the first time they experienced shame. For the first time they felt exposed and vulnerable, and they hid themselves.

Thousands of years later, at another meal, the disciples of Jesus were hiding in a room together. They were full of shame and fear. They felt hopeless because the man they had left their homes and careers to follow, was gone. The man who had opened the eyes of the blind, who had healed the sick, who had raised the dead, who they thought was the messiah––God’s anointed one who was to bring in God’s new kingdom––was dead. He was more than dead; he had been murdered in the most brutal way imaginable. The disciples witnessed every earthly power come against Jesus. In fact, even they deserted him in his final hours. Now, right in the middle of their broken hope, shame, and fear, Jesus appeared and their eyes were opened. They saw hope again in the face of their King, and it was over a meal.

Join us this week as we conclude “At the Table.” Shane will be preaching a sermon from Luke 24 entitled: “At the Table: Opened Eyes, Burning Hearts, and Hope Restored.”

Each week at the Gathering, we've been sharing stories about eating meals with others. If you have a story about how God is using food to spread his kingdom, please click below and share it with us!

Prepare for Sunday